Acquiescent Optimism

Mutual acquiescence is, as Ron Sakolsky put it, “the social adhesive that cements the bricks of alienation and oppression which structure our daily lives into a wall of domination” and that:

“What makes mutual acquiescence so insidious is that it is a form of social control that is rooted in the everyday psychological and social relationships of consent that compose the lived experience of domination. Accordingly, an analysis of how mutual acquiescence prevents and immobilizes individual and collective forms of direct action allows for a more nuanced model of domination and resistance than can be afforded by merely referencing the devastating effects of conformity imposed from above.”

I’ve been giving this some thought over the last year and I would definitely say that most forms of so-called positivity or positive-thinking which at once silences and blames an individual for negative-thinking in a circuitous manner, of course, all while maintaining and replicating the structures of domination, definitely passes as a form of mutual acquiescence.  I’ve given this the name of acquiescent optimism.

I’ll be writing more on this insidious form of miserabilism in the future.


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