Eternal Deferment

I, the master of the obvious: it’s been some time since I’ve posted, although I’ve not been inactive. I’m simply not drawn to electronic media like I am old fashion pen and paper. But, nonetheless, I’d like to put some of my thoughts out there in the off chance someone may respond and add to these dreams and thoughts.

Part of hesitancy toward posting has been due to the cloudiness of my own thinking about certain things. When I started this blog, I was definitely coming from an attempt to bridge some gaps between what I may only indicate as ‘egoism’ and ‘anarcho-primitivism/green anarchy.’ Perhaps there is no affinity to be had, and even more likely it may be the case that I have no desire to seek such a bridge past my original enthusiasm. To find such, at this point, seems to me a case of just making shit up on one level, and then…

And then, there is the revolt I’ve maintained throughout my life against the perspectives, ways of thinking, beliefs which eternally postpone joy. Heaven isn’t just the imaginary place of the religious, but also the eternally deferred moment of the adherents of so-called realism. Anarcho-primitivism smacks of just this endless deferral. In my greediness for an ever increasing passion for living, joy, amor fati, I’ve pretty much dropped AP’s visionary proposals, if one may call them such, even if I may appreciate many of the critiques of civilization. I am grateful to what I have, and continually, gleaned from these critiques.

In addition, I cannot perpetuate any quest to sidestep egoism with a surrogate: adaugeoism. There’s simply no need. ‘Egoist’ may work just fine depending on the moment, mood, and relationship-at-hand. Fuck ‘adaugeoism.’ That project is dead.

Currently, I’m writing on some things which have come up for me in a powerful way over the past year. Mainly, it involves those ways in which I see enslavement perpetuated in unexpected and insidious formulations of miserabilism. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to share these glances, images and thoughts with you soon, rather than eternally deferred…


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