Would You Like a Receipt?

I was purchasing some food the other day and was asked, as I always am, if I’d like a receipt. It struck me how odd this question really is. Not only odd, but insidious, although I don’t find any fault with the woman who asked me.

A receipt is basically a way of protecting yourself from others, even against the flesh and blood person ringing up your food. You trust neither them nor anyone else completely because they simply fulfill a role, a role more important within our capitalist civilization than the person who ‘fills it.’ Yeah, you got it, a unique person giving content to a concept, an ideal, a role. How fucking alienating and backward.

Monetary ‘society’ can be nothing but alienating, distrustful, since it is comprised of empty roles, no-bodies, generalities, Procrustean sanctioning, which persons must fill and give content to. Money provides the only means of exchange in quantified units, no matter how pleasant each person is to each other, no matter how nasty the exchange may be emotionally. The role must go on no matter who fills it. This mendacious idol must be maintained at all costs!

And thus, I consider monetization as inherently anti-social.

The receipt is proof-of-purchase of our separation from earth, the demise of gifting and of socializing, giving way to the quantifiable, reified, and the underlying threat of violence where and when non-compliance to these norms are encountered. Property is indeed theft: theft of our social, cultural, embodied emplacement…our very living.

Would you like a receipt? Would you like to remain separated, quantified and alone?


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