Why is it assumed logic has more ‘say’ than do my own vocalized desires? Aside from the fact that we demand authority from it, and thus give it the right to tyrannize over us, this faith in logic belittles us, leaves us unfaithful to ourselves.

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Exodus 20:14

Am I, a two-legged, flesh and blood, unique place and event, to have less to say than do generalization, abstraction and reification? Each of which, of course, lie and simply bypass that which is desired and judged ‘worthy’ (‘axiomatic‘) as such- by you.

My desires have texture, contour, a smell and a taste for they are me. Logic lacks taste! And the boredom of it’s un-fleshiness quickly reaches me through my fingers. It always stinks, only as it can – of church and polity.


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