Nearly everyone I know suffers from a chronic state of dis-ease, and this includes ol’ Roufus here. We become progressively more dis-eased if we remain unaware of the signals we encounter daily informing us of what is permissible. Permissible to sense; permissible to understand; permissible to find. We cannot even begin to undermine and counteract this dis-ease if these signals remain normalized here as ‘I,’ and there as ‘you,’ and every unique event…

Our lives aren’t our own, usually in the name of some collective good , ‘the common good,’ ‘the good of the nation’ and ‘posterity;’ perversions of a primordial communal sense, a sense of relation, completely ripped out of living to maintain the current status quo, just like other manipulations: learning, love of place, socializing, etc.

Our dis-ease perpetuates in large part because we’re encouraged to always get ‘to the bottom of things,’ to find a ’cause’ for the ‘effects’ we apprehend, for the dis-ease we feel. In order to get to this ‘bottom’ we conceptually separate an event, an instance, into ’cause’ and ‘effect.’ This is symptomatic. We’ve even come to separate a thing from itself.

Whaaa? you ask. Are you fucking crazy?

Perhaps. But, look at this notion of ‘getting to the bottom of things’ a bit closer, and you tell me if this obsession isn’t crazy! What are we asked to find at ‘the bottom’ but some another thing? Some-thing which is held as other than what we already perceive, that which is present before us. It matters not in the least, for this moment, whether we perceive directly or through some mediation; a micro- or tele-scope, say.

What matters here is perception, that which appears to us, is never the Good, the True, the In-itself, of any-thing; ever ‘lowly’ in its very appearance. With, and in, appearance we’re never satisfied, for something better, the real deal, must be underneath this skin of appearance. Good, True, In-itself, we can conclude, may never appear to us by getting to the bottom of things for the bottom is already adjudged nothing at the outset. The ‘bottom’ is forever bottomless, is the voraciousness of our concepts.

But, what of separating a thing from itself?

A thing isn’t reducible to an ‘object,’ a shape, a mass. Any ‘thing’ may be considered irreducibly relational. A radical reading of ‘thing’ makes the relational character of the word apparent; an assembly, a meeting, at a scheduled place and time in order to discuss various issues.
The old Icelandic Al-thing reminds you, too? It’s modern descendent has imploded into near, if not total, absurdity. But, I think it well you recall the Althing, too…

Even through the residue of Western churchiness, the restless quest to untangle and ultimately free what is rightfully God’s from the greedy grope of the soil beneath us, God’s image, the representation of himself as absolute Subjectivity…someday. Subjectivity ne’er tainted by the confines of skin, our Father and the greatest hope and ambition for a great many of my Cartesian kind.

Even through the echoing decrees of Rome, the law for every citizen, and every-body a citizen. What is permissible is sacred; the distance, the idea, the view downward, the image and that which even became Caesar: God. His words? Legality. The laws of logic, of Nature, of Physics, of Man. In the beginning was the Reification.

Even through democracy? Every ‘man’ now solitary subject, girded by universal laws rather than skin, air and ground. At last, global cretinism…call it ‘secular’ all you wish, but you ain’t fooling me. This vampiric divide between inner and outer, between subject(ivity) and the law, seeks to suck away all uniqueness, to become bland abstractions, generalizations within the Over-mind, the Subject, as man finally reunites with God by means other than the alter and prayer.


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